Miscellaneous Marriage Records 1834-1853

Martin Baker and Ann Mariah Lawrence,   Apr 21, 1834

Sophia J. Baker and Edward A. Bryant, Dec 20,1836

Thomas Loe and Lydia Lyle, Feb. 3 1837

William Creasy and Martha Raines, March 2 1837

Thomas ___ and Mary Dain, Oct. 6, 1836

Robert Creasy and Nancy Reading, March 16, 1837

John Creasy and Louisa W Rains, Dec. 24, 1837

James A. Baker and Martha A. Conley, Oct 1, 1839

ThomasV. Baker and Mary M. Maddox , Sept 13, 1840

JoshuaW. Baker and Sarah W. Laurens,  Sept 29, 1840

WalterBaker and Arrabella Ellis, Aug 25, 1841

Daniel Creasy and Elizabeth P Reading, Nov. 3,1842

Napolian Stipe and Martha S Easly, Dec 15, 1842

John Baker and Nancy Jane Travis, Sept 16,1843

Thomas W. Creasy and Mary Margret Cardwell,June 18, 1848

William Lloyd Creasy and Amanda Merrill, July27, 1849

Lee Reed and Eliza Jerl, Sept 23, 1849

NancyBaker (Mrs.) and Robert Baker, Jan 29, 1852

RobertBaker and Nancy Baker (Mrs.), Jan 29, 1852

ArabellaC. Baker (Mrs.) and Orban E. Chishman, Apr 21, 1852

Erastus W. Baker and Jane K. Christey, Feb 17,1858

Wm. T. Baker and Margaret Ann Nelson(Mrs.), Jul 9, 1858

Seth Baker and Emily R. Boon, Jan 26, 1859

William M. Baker and Martha Ann Crook, May24,1860

Mary L. CREASY and Hiram Smith WAGGENER, May28, 1865

___ Thompson and Malissa Humphrey, Jan. 8, 1878

Joel Abner Creasy and Lucy Musick, Jan. 13,1878

Harriet M WHITAKER and Mr. Sandy WGREGORY, Apr 22, 1891

Jeffries, William       Smallwood, SarahElizabeth   22 Sept 1864

Jeffries, Thomas J.          Biggs,Laucinda C.      2 June 1853

Marriage License for Russel R. Elkins and Bess Snelling

This license authorizes any Judge of a Court of Record, of Justice of the Peace, or any licensed or ordained Preacher of the Gospel who is a Citizen of the United States, or a resident of and Pastor of some Church in this State, to SOLEMNIZE MARRIAGE between Russel R. Elkins of Knox City in the County of Knox and State of Missouri, who is past the age of twenty-one years; and Bess Snelling of Edina in the County of Knox and State of Missouri, who is past the age of twenty-one.

WITNESS, my hand as Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds, with the Seal of Office hereto affixed, at my office in Monticello, MO., this 8th day of March, 1928

Wallace Veatch

Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds

County of Lewis    THIS IS TO CERTIFY, that the undersigned minister did, at La Belle, MO in said County, on the 8 day of March, A.D., 1928 unite in Marriage the above named persons, and I further Certify that I am a Citizen of the United States and a resident Pastor of Christian Church La Belle Missouri, legally qualified under the Laws of the State of Missouri to solemnize Marriages.

Charles R. Daniel

Filed for record on the 9th day of March, 1928 Wallace Veatch Circuit Clerk and Ex-Officio Recorder of Deeds   1)Book 10, Page 407

Provided by Shaunery Wharton: Married to Snelling descendent & Wharton descendent

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1. Book 10, Page 407