Generation No. 1

1.  Jacob Moses Tate, born April 01, 1849 in Palmyra, Marion Co., MO; died March 16, 1938 in Smileyville, MO. He was the son of James Tate and Elizabeth Harsell. He married (1) Sarah G. White March 02, 1871.  She died 1926 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO.

Notes for Jacob Moses Tate:

Died at home of son, P. A. Weyand
Funeral Arrangements by Lewis Brother’s Funeral Home
Funeral Conducted by Rev. C. E. Griswold, Bethal Baptist Church

Newspaper Clipping of his Obituary:

Jacob was that oldest native male citizen of his community at the time of his death.  He was just short 14 days  of reaching the age of 89.

When a young boy, he helped in clearing 200 acres of land that had been purchased by his father.  He grew to young manhood on the old homestead until he was united in marriage to Miss Sarah G. White on March 2, 1871.

Jacob enjoyed remarkable health all of his life and active until his last illness.  He would walk from his home in the western part of town to the business section several times daily when the weather permitted and was in the habit of walking at least three miles daily for the exercise. When friends would ask his recipe for longevity and good health, he would make the reply that he had none.  However, he did admit he always ate sparingly and never used tobacco.  He escaped all of the diseases peculiar to children such as measles, mumps, chickenpox, and whooping cough.

Possessing a fine memory, he was familiar with many of the important events occurring during the early history of Palmyra,and that section of the country.  His ability to retain dates was remarkable.  He was 15 years old at the close of the Civil War and vividly recalled many of the activities of both the Union and Confederate forces operating in and about Palmyra during that time.  He enjoyed talking with friends that happened at the old Hanley Mill on North River, before the days of the railroad in this section, and remembered the day when the mill ceased operations in 1857.

Jacab Tate had an interesting historical family background. His great grandfather, one of the heroes of the Revolution, lost his life on the battlefield.  The pocket testament carried by the soldier has been handed down through several generations and eventually came into the possession of Jacob.

Marriage Notes for Jacob Tate and Sarah White:

Sarah White and Jacob Tate lives in Fabius, MO, for a number of years following their marriage.  They then sold their farm and move to Palmyra, MO, where Jacob entered the grocery business.  During his early residence in Palmyra he built three cottages on the north end of town.

Provided by Kathy Tate