The following are many of the abbreviationsthat may be found on Census Records.

A -Aunt GGM-Great Grandmother R -Roomer
AdD-Adopted Daughter GGGF-Great Great Grandfather S-Son
AdS-Adopted Son GGGM-Great Great Grandmother SB-Stepbrother
At-Attendant GM-Grandmother SBL-Stepbrother-in-law
B-Brother GNi-Grandniece Se-Servant
BL-Brother-in-law GS-Grandson SF-Stepfather
Bo-Boarder GU-Great uncle SFL-Stepfather-in-law
C-Cousin Hh-Hired hand Si-Sister
D-Daughter I-Inmate SiL-Sister-in-law
DL-Daughter-in-law L-Lodger SL-Son-in-law
F-Father M-Mother SM-Stepmother
FB-Foster brother ML-Mother-in-law SML-Stepmother-in-law
FF-Foster father N-Nephew SS-Stepson
FL-Father-in-law Ni-Niece SSi-Stepsister
FM-Foster mother Nu-Nurse SSiL-Stepsister-in-law
FSi-Foster sister O-Officer SSL-Stepson-in-law
GA-Great aunt P-Patient Su-Superintendent
GD-Granddaughter Pr-Prisoner U-Uncle
GF-Grandfather Pri-Principal W-Wife
GGF-Great grandfather Pu-Pupil Wa-Warden